Two state of the art climate controlled storage facilities.

Your household in our "house".

Whether short term for just a few weeks or indefinitely, storing your household or business items with William C. Huff Companies is an easy decision. It isn’t just about having experienced, highly trained staff packing and moving your household possessions, it’s about making sure that experienced and highly trained staff our carefully putting everything into a safe, secure and climate controlled storage when your move needs to be stored.

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  • competitive pricing
  • experienced warehouse staff
  • climate controlled warehouse
  • secure storage units
  • white glove storage services
  • protection against severe weather
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Experience makes a difference.

Experienced Warehouse Staff

When your household items are brought to the William C. Huff Companies storage facility they are carefully handled by highly trained and experienced staff, which helps in eliminating potential damage due to improper handling. Also, each and every item in our storage facility is inventoried both before and after it is placed into storage.

Competitive Pricing

When considering long term storage solutions know that our storage pricing is competitive. There are many, many options for storage and paying outrageous amounts for storage should not be a burden to a homeowner who is forced to use storage because they are in-between-homes.

Climate Controlled Units

It is essential to maintain moderate cooling and heating temperatures while your items are in storage. High heat and humidity or extreme cold will cause mold and mildew. At William C. Huff, we carefully monitor the temperature and humidity of our storage facilities to ensure that your furnishings are in the same condition after storage as they were before storage.

Secure Storage Warehouse

The William C. Huff storage facilities are secured and monitored 24/7. The security of your possessions is our utmost priority.

Protection Against Severe Weather

Our storage facilities are built to meet the latest requirements by the building codes. In fact, our latest addition is rated beyond the minimum standards and can withstand category 5 wind speeds of over 177 MPH.


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