Downsizing Help

Move. Recycle. Donate. Make Money.

William C. Huff and Renovation Angel provide a collaborative solution to serve 80 million homeowners with a simple, easy way to redistribute over $20 trillion in household items over the next 20 years.

Downsizing Help is for designed specifically for these life events:

  • Family Member Passes
  • As Furnished Home
  • Renovation
  • Relocation

Families of all sizes are burdened by manual processes tied to moving, packing, and disposing of items across multiple properties. Downsizing is not only time-consuming; it also can be a major contributor to landfills and impact our CO2 emissions. Downsizing Help is a scalable solution to help families of all sizes to downsize with a focus on passing on generational wealth, saving money, making downsizing easy, while responsibly recycling unwanted household items and benefiting community organizations.

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  • Moving
  • Removing Recycled Items
  • Removing and Delivering Donated Items
  • Storing Items 
  • Multiple Location Delivery 
  • Project Logistics
  • Schematic Staging
  • Identification & Legacy Planning


  • Hours saved:
    • A family can save on average up to 80 hours of their families’ time getting things sorted, finding auction houses, non-profits, and arranging for moving
      and storage.
  • Average number of items leaving a family’s possession (per project):
    • A 6,000 square ft home will have an average of 400 items to be sorted,
      donated, shipped, stored or thrown away.
  • Average tax dollar write off:
    • $3700 per $10,000 of donated item(s) value
  • Average carbon saved:
    • 12,000 square feet house = 5,000 pounds of CO2.
    • 6,000 sq ft = 2500 pounds CO2.
    • 3000 sq ft = 1750 pounds of CO2.


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