Furniture Repair and Restoration

Restore your furniture. Save the environment. Pass invaluable Heirlooms to the rising generation

Whether it’s a traditional armchair that once belonged to your grandfather or that classic deep seated leather couch you bought years ago, William C. Huff Companies’ professional technicians have the skills to repair your favorite family heirlooms and valuable pieces. Revive that scratched kitchen table. Refresh your beloved dresser with a new coat of paint. Fix furniture joint and structural damage. Most technicians will avoid marble and stonework, our team embraces the challenge and will eagerly bring any marble or stone piece back to its original glory. Our furniture repair services are a convenient alternative to costly furniture replacement.

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William C. Huff Companies provides a full array of furniture repair and restoration services.

Our Furniture Repair & Restoration Commitments:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Experienced repair & restoration staff
  • Transparent communication
  • Commitment to environmentally friendly products
  • No charge for unrepairable furniture


  • Hundreds of repaired and restores pieces in recent years.
  • Families can save tens of thousands of dollars repairing and restoring pieces, versus buying new pieces.
  • The average piece of furniture generates around approximately 103 pounds of carbon dioxide, which is same amount of greenhouse gases produced by burning around 5.3 gallons of gasoline.
  • William C. Huff Companies has restored furniture in nearly half the states in the country


Experienced Furniture Repair & Restoration Technicians

Experienced and careful furniture repair and restoration is a skill that requires time and professional training. Inexperienced furniture repair technicians can result in unfixable issue to irreplaceable items. At William C. Huff Companies, our technicians are carefully trained in-house and then are selectively introduced to repairing and restoring furniture for our discerning clientele. We only appoint experienced and highly trained staff when it comes to renewing your treasured items.


A professionally restored piece of furniture is naturally more expensive than doing it yourself. On average, the approximate cost for replacing a furniture piece is more four times more expensive than paying to repair a piece.


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