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William C. Huff Companies is committed to simplifying the complicated maze of moving and storing your priceless possessions. With over 40 full-time, tenured and highly trained staff, you can be assured that your move will be handled smoothly and professionally, from the first phone call until the last box is unpacked.

White Glove Moving Service

At William C. Huff, “white glove service” means more than a pair of white gloves. Our staff is attentive to the greatest details to ensure that not only your home furnishings are handled with care but, that your home and property are protected from any unnecessary damage from the move itself. Extra care is taken to protect floors, stairways doorways and even the driveway and outdoor walkways. On very inclement days when water/snow/outdoor elements are an issue, William C Huff Companies has coined the phrase “two in and two out”. On these days we dedicate an outdoor staff and indoor staff to ensure that nothing is tracked in from the outside. Often we will take protective measures to prevent any vehicle leakage from damaging driveways and we take extra care to not damage low hanging trees and shrubs.

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Experience makes a difference.

Quality of Work

All homeowners are genuinely concerned that their family possessions will be handled with care. Since there are no colleges offering degrees in “furniture moving” the best way to be assured that the household will be handled properly is to know that the company you have chosen has experienced staff. At William C. Huff our tenured senior crew leaders have an average of more than 10 years working in the field with our company. With this kind of experience, our staff naturally receive far better pay and benefits than most average movers, meaning our standard rates are predictably a little higher than other companies in our industry.

Since the quality of work is the second most important question homeowners have on their mind we have made it an unspoken policy to “100% guarantee complete client satisfaction” with every move we make.

Competitive Pricing

You need to know that the white glove moving company you hire is more than just affordable. You want trusted, experienced and professional people who know what your needs are, before having to ask. With over 100 years of providing quality service at competitive prices, William C. Huff is the standard by which other companies are measured.

The number one most commonly asked question when you need to move is “What is it going to cost?” Unlike a doctor’s office where the most important concern is experience and reputation, the moving industry focuses primarily on price. For over 100 years our number one focus has been quality of service. With over 50,000 moves, those who have trusted us with their moving needs are the ones who continue to use our services and refer us to their friends and family.

Of course, the William C. Huff moving services are priced competitively, otherwise we could not have thrived through the countless recessions and booms the moving industry has experienced in the past 100 years.

On Time & On Budget

Many homeowners who have sold their homes have a very specific day and time that the home needs to empty for the new homeowner and, it is usually right after the closing. Many closings take place late morning or early afternoon which means the residence needs to be empty by noon or early afternoon of the closing day. If the moving company shows up late, closings can fall through and the stress can be unbearable. Choosing an experienced company with an impeccable record for being on time is critical. William C. Huff has a reputation of being at your home precisely when we say.

Also, you may have gotten a moving estimate, but the final bill could be considerably different. Often times moving companies offer a great estimate but hold the clients’ goods on the truck until they get paid considerably more than the estimated costs. Hidden costs and holding the household possessions hostage is never a tactic William C. Huff Companies use. We are transparent up-front with the estimated costs and are committed to delivering exceptional quality as close to the estimated costs as possible.


The typical move over the past few years is different than that of just 10 years ago. During the “rise” of the upwardly mobile baby boomers, houses got bigger and there was always extra room for the “stuff” we all accumulated. Now, the boomers are trying to rid themselves of much of these things and sorting through years of accumulated items takes time and energy. There are questions about consignment, donations, and just simply “trash,” for things no one will take.

Having been in the industry for so long, the William C. Huff staff can assist in directing the downsizing homeowner into the many directions they may need to go to effectively downsize their homes. Well vetted, trusted resources are important when considering who to have help during the transition from large home to small home.

Last Minute Changes

You have sold the house, are all set with changing the mailing address, cable company, doctors, insurance carrier, dog sitter, and have your moving company scheduled, and then the buyer decides he needs to think things over and the closing is put on hold at the last minute. Or, you were all set to move into your new home, but the builder just ran into a glitch and the occupancy permit is put off for a few weeks. But the closing is this week…

These are very, very common scenarios that our white glove moving company has helped our clients work through thousands of times. We never panic because we know we can handle just about any last-minute change, assuring our clients that they have enough to worry about, and we are here to take at least the moving part of your predicament off your plate

National & International Moving

William C. Huff Companies accomplishes residential and commercial moves anywhere in the US, and have made arrangements for thousands of overseas moves for international clients. Our reputation for smooth and worry free international moving is spotless with not even one complaint over several years.

Trucks & Equipment

The image of having your furnishing be loaded into a poorly kept truck is not a good way to begin your move. We take pride in having new, clean and well-kept trucks and equipment. We refuse to load anything that would compromise the cleanliness and safety of the furnishings of our clients.

We Specialize In...


William C. Huff Companies realizes the value of the family piano. Many households have pianos that have been passed down for generations or, have invested in pianos as pieces of art. Only the most senior staff get to move our clients’ family musical piece.

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Fine Art

Art is the ultimate expression of a homeowner’s personality, family heritage and affluence. Having the artwork handled by someone other than trained professionals is a mistake that should be avoided. It sometimes takes years to develop the skills necessary to properly handle a priceless family heirloom or a valuable piece of art.

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Wine Collections

If you have collected wine and are in need of moving and/or storing the collection it is very important that the company you work with has the experience and training to properly handle the wine.

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We are available to talk with you about all of our moving & storage services. If you have any questions about what we do and how we can help you, send us a message or give us a call!

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