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As a designer you have many hats to wear. Staying focused on making the clients’ dreams become reality is not easy. Countless hours of matching colors and fabrics, getting just the right pieces to accent the rooms and walking the homeowner through each step is what you do. The last thing you need to worry about is the receiving, storing and installation of these precious, hand-picked items.

William C. Huff Companies has completed thousands of projects for top designers around the country. From large 35,000 sq ft estates to custom remodels of penthouses, all projects have been on-time and on budget but, most importantly, without any major issues upon the installation.

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As with all design jobs, there is a budget for receiving, inspection and, installation of the project. At William C. Huff we understand this and work hard to help save money for the designers we service. The countless hours we save our designers in headaches and follow-ups to issues found through our comprehensive “open and inspect” have helped them better manage the client’s project and stay on time.

Also, we offer “ala carte“ pricing so the designer can choose from the most basic level of receiving to full level concierge with on-board repair for touch-ups and quick fixes on minor issues found upon the inspection.


William C. Huff Companies have several highly trained and experienced staff who daily receive, open and inspect for our design companies. Their trained eyes will detect even the smallest blemish and can notify the designer within 48 hours of the item being received. (Often it is within the same day but on unusually busy receiving days it can take up to 2 days to get the notification).

The office staff at William C. Huff are also very experienced and understand the importance of taking care of our designers’ clients. They promptly get last minute details relayed to the operations staff who can change scheduling for the designer and their client.

When an estate manager hires William C. Huff Companies they can be 100% assured that anyone from our company is trustworthy at all levels.

Inventory Control

All received items are accurately identified, tagged and put away in our secure, clean and temperature controlled warehouse. Items can be flagged for easy access for viewing and also be tagged according to how the designer wants the installation to be done.

William C. Huff Companies is currently working on a comprehensive barcode and notification system which will the designer more direct “real time” access to the pieces which have been received. It is anticipated that the system will be working before the end of 2017.

Large Projects

Large residential or commercial projects are the William C. Huff specialty. We have enough trained staff to guarantee a smooth and issue free installation, no matter how big. Many homes over 20,000 sq ft have been done in less than 4 days.

Special Needs

Often special equipment is needed to get items into homes that have been built or remodeled. William C. Huff Companies has many years of experience with cranes, special lifts, dollies and other equipment. An experienced team with a crane operator is essential for a problem free lift into a high-rise.


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