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As an estate manager, when your homeowner sells their estate there are many details that need to be worked out for the movement of their items in the home. The homeowner has many irreplaceable items which they have collected and, often there are multiple locations that items need to end up at. Having everything go smoothly is a juggling act and, selecting the right moving company is not an easy task.

William C. Huff Companies understands the pressures put on the estate manager and has spent years specifically training staff to meet all the needs of a large estate move. From formal art/wine handling training by the industries finest professionals to the protocol and image training from other top former Major Domos, William C. Huff Companies have spared no expense to be prepared for any scenario we might encounter.

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As an estate manager you are fully aware that one of your biggest responsibilities to the owner is to be fiscally responsible when choosing any service provider. It is never easy to navigate between a good price and the best service, when presenting a proposal to the estate owner. However, a poor choice in service providers can ultimately cost the estate owner considerably more in mistakes, delays, damages and poor service, than the original “cheaper” price they paid.

At William C. Huff we do not ever try to give an owner the impression that our pricing is the lowest. However, we are very confident in letting our prospective clients know that we are always priced properly for the services we provide. Our confidence is backed up by the fact that the company has survived and thrived for over 100 years of up and down economies and, against other “cheaper” companies. “If we were over-priced, would over 40,000 home owners have used our services over the years”, is a typical response to estate owners who ask about our prices.


The number two concern of a private estate owner is TRUST. “Can I trust the people in my home” is what they always are thinking when someone new enters the home. It is up to the estate manager to ease the homeowner’s mind by ensuring that the those entering the house have been thoroughly vetted. The more new people who enter the home, the more complicated the vetting is.

At William C. Huff Companies we pre-screen all all new applicants not just for background and drugs but with a lenghty 4 part interview that is specifically meant to help vett any potential liabilities for our company. In addition to the lengthy vetting, our company does not allow any staff member into a private estate without first having spent several months working in our warehouse under close supervision and then gradually into non private homes. Only after passing clearance with our most senior staff, are newer staff allowed into private homes.

When an estate manager hires William C. Huff Companies they can be 100% assured that anyone from our company is trustworthy at all levels.

New Furnishings

When a home or condo is being remodeled many times a designer is involved with the architect and new furnishings are selected. So, in addition to needing items moved out of the home, a place has to be established to receive the new furniture.

The William C. Huff Company works side by side with the builder, architect and designer to simplify the logistics for all aspects of the remodel. We can receive and inspect the new furnishings, pack and remove the existing items and even make items available for reupholstering, rug cleaning and reinstall and unpack everything and the end of the remodel.


“PRIVATE CLIENT” means just what it says, the client wants to remain anonymous and anything seen or heard while at a private clients’ house is never mentioned in public. And, that the clients’ name is never mentioned outside of the William C. Huff Company. Some estate managers have had issues with service providers taking pictures while at the private residence. These are never an issue with William C. Huff staff members. Privacy training is one of the biggest parts of our company policy for new staff.


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